Management Bios

Christopher Lindholm, President/COO

He began working for BSS as a Bookkeeper in 1980.  A few years later, he was promoted to Human Resource Manager where he developed many company policies and procedures still in force today. In 1986, he became the Program Director of the Vinewood CCC. He was promoted to Regional Vice President in 1988, where he supervised all programs in California. In 1993, he was promoted to Executive Vice President and provided oversight of all company-wide programs. Ten years later, he became the President of BSS. Today, he provides guidance, direction, supervision and leadership for the entire company. He also has extensive community service experience, serving as Board President for a private non-profit elementary school, Church Treasurer and baseball, softball and soccer coach. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from California Polytechnic State University, Pomona and his Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of La Verne.

Cynthia Lindholm, Controller/CFO

She began working for BSS in 1979 as a Bookkeeper, in the early formation stages of the company, at a time when business activities were just getting started. She became the Controller for the entire company in 1984, where she established most of the financial controls and procedures for the monetary side of the business that still exist today. In 2003, her position was expanded and she assumed additional financial responsibilities for BSS as Controller and CFO. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from California Polytechnic Sate University, Pomona and has passed all sections of the CPA Exam required by the State of California.

Bari Caine-Lomberto, Executive Vice President

She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Combined Social Sciences from UC Santa Barbara in 1980 and her Master’s Degree in Sociology with an emphasis in Criminology from CSU Northridge in 1982.  She began working for BSS in January 1988, initially hired as Program Director to operate the 112 bed Orion Re-entry work furlough program.  Through the years, Bari was charged with program development and operational oversight of BSS’s California programs.  Most recently, in March 2010, she became responsible for program development and operational oversight of all programs, company-wide.

Ryan Diaz, Program Director, DDP

He possesses a California Association of Addiction Recovery Resources (CAARR) certificate and studied at Los Angeles Southwest City College in their Drug and Alcohol Studies program. He has been active in the field of alcoholism and chemical addiction since 1993.  In 1995, Ryan began his tenure with BSS as an Office Clerk, working his way through the ranks as Counselor, Program Coordinator, Assistant Program Director and finally Program Director of the Drinking Driver Program.  Ryan’s professional point of view is that anyone with the will can find sobriety and live a life free of addiction.

Danielle Koger, Program Director, Phoenix RRC

She possesses her Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development, which was obtained from CSU Los Angeles in 2002. Additionally, she secured her Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Phoenix in 2010.  Danielle began her tenure with BSS in 2003 at the Vinewood CCC in the capacity of Case Worker.  In 2008, she was promoted to Case Work Supervisor, second in command, at the Odessa Day Reporting Center.  In 2010, when the opportunity presented itself, she was placed at the helm of the Phoenix RRC.

Rommel Dumanil, Program Director, Vinewood RRC

He possesses a Bachelor’s Degree from Adamson University of Manila in Economics.  Rommel began his tenure with BSS in 1995, at the Hollywood Re-entry Center, in the position of part time Security Monitor, graveyard shift.  That experience allowed Rommel to see facility operations from a different operational perspective, which aided him in developing a solid community corrections background and philosophy.  In 1999, Rommel transferred to the Vinewood CCC in the capacity of Case Worker.  Later, in 2000, he became the Program Director of this facility. His calm and straight forward management style works very well in a residential re-entry program.

Chris Mays, Program Director, Sunset DRC

He possesses a California Association of Addiction Recovery Resources (CAARR) certificate.  He studied at University of California, San Diego and received a Forensic Addictions Corrections and Treatment (FACT) certificate through their Department of Psychiatry.  Chris began working with the offender population in November 2003.  In July 2008, he began his tenure with BSS at the Odessa Day Reporting Center as a Journey Level Counselor.  Chris took over the reigns at the Odessa Day Reporting Center in September 2011.  His favorite message, to inspire our clients is, “if you stay in the process, you will win, if you don’t quit.”

Misty Damron, Program Director, Florence RRC/Tucson CTS Clinic Administrator

Misty Damron has been with BSS since 2005.  In her 16 years of service, she has held multiple positions at the facility allowing her to learn all aspects of facility operations.  Misty is steadfast in her pursuit of excellence and brings that quality to the leadership team of BSS.


Ruben Aguilera, Program Director, Orion LTORR

Ruben Aguilera has been employed with Behavioral Systems Southwest, Inc. since 2012. He started as a Monitor and promoted into several positions, working in both the Residential Re-entry Center and Transitional Housing Program. He has the outstanding ability to work with all offenders, in all situations, working to bring them closer to a successful community re-entry.  Most recently, Ruben has been promoted to the Program Director at the Orion Transitional Housing Program.

Michael Valenzuela, Program Director, Rubidoux RRC

Michael Valenzuela received his Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from University of California, San Bernardino.  He began his tenure with BSS in June of 2016 as a Case Manager at the Rubidoux Residential Reentry Center.  From that position, he promoted to Assistant Program Director at the Hollywood THP and was then promoted to Program Director at the Rubidoux RRC; back where he began.

Noemi Bernal , Program Director, Hollywood LTORR

Noemi Bernal possesses a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology with a minor in Criminal Justice Administration from California State University, Dominguez Hills, 2016. She started her tenure with BSS in 2011 at the Drinking Driver Program and moved to the Hollywood LTORR in 2019.  Ms. Bernal initially held the position of Caseworker and then promoted twice until taking the helm at Hollywood LTORR in April 2022.  She possesses an extremely broad view of facility operations;  her command of the environment has proven highly effective in the management of the facility and program development.

Sandi Loper, Program Director, Orion RRC

Sandi Loper has a Master’s of Science with a major in Marriage and Family Therapy/Clinical Mental Health Counseling from John Brown University. She comes to BSS with a 30 year background in residential mental health, working with the offender population and human resources.  Sandi’s background in residential program management, not only includes working with dependent youth in the mental health system, but with high risk populations. Sandi brings with her great enthusiasm and keen eye for helping those with mental health issues.